Travel-risk related real-time warning –
easy to use for SMEs

iTESA is planned to develop an automated alert system providing real-time risk information to travellers and therefore assists entrepreneurs to perform the duty of care-taking towards their employees. Data feed to iTESA will be done following the German Data Protection Law which provides strongest rules world-wide. How to access social media data is an integrated task too.  iTESA analyses all incoming data in real-time if any travel risk is affected.

In the Leisure Travel market as well as in the Business Travel market on-trip-security is a growing need. This is indicated by customer awareness, permanent crisis attention and several enhancements of legal advice – which means national and European-wide laws. The current market of real-time travel warnings is quite poor. This impacts that travellers on business trips are not informed properly about crisis situations to interrupt or stop their trip.

The objective of iTESA is to install a fully automated alert system that keeps travellers informed on-trip and real-time (via smartphone or tablet). Should a traveller stay in a crisis affected area iTESA is to provide current information including potential alternative routings in order to escape safely. Especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are definitely winners using iTESA: They are able to follow existing laws and will need neither additional staff nor additional technical capacities to succeed. As iTESA is following the commercial model of high volumes with low margin SMEs are able to join a service that includes high efforts and hyper-modern technology.

iTESA will be designed as a modular layer-oriented solution. The integration layer ensures that all the heterogeneous data sources are getting loaded according data protection laws. The risk qualification layer is crawling through any data using and transferring the emerging human experience in crisis identification and handling. Potential risks are getting identified and qualified. Scenarios are getting calculated by using predictive methods. Risk professionals might add valuable information via interaction. All analysis is following big data approaches achieving potential risks and geographic links. The matching layer cross-checks risks with traveller data (trip targets, timelines and types of transport). The execution layer performs the interaction with either a traveller handling business partner or the traveller. This includes information, warnings and partial system integration (i.e. via Apps).

For integration test scenarios iTESA will be piloted in the Travel Risk Management section of associated partners. But – once iTESA succeeds to search through unstructured web data – the solution can be transferred to other business areas like logistics.